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8% is the rate by which violent crime is lower in U.S. metro areas where unauthorized immigrants are most prevalent. Property crime is also lower in immigrant-heavy regions, by 10 percent.


Court Tells One Chemical Corp to Pay for Their Mess, Will Waste Management & International Paper Be Next?

Just weeks before the trial begins in Harris County for damages to the San Jacinto River, Occidental Chemical Corp. settled for at $190 million for damages to the Passaic River in New Jersey. Like the defendants in the Harris County case, Occidental allegedly intentionally dumped hazardous chemicals into the river, causing environmental contamination and a consumption ban on fish from the river. Pollution laws exist because toxic and carcinogenic chemicals should not be carelessly dumped on our precious environment. Although our environment may never fully recover from the toxic burden of industrial pollution, remediation will remove the source of contamination and help restore the environment. And with the Passaic settlement, it will not be at the tax payer’s expense. The recent victory at the Passaic River serves not only to benefit remediation costs and safeguard tax payer’s hard earned dollars, but also as a victory to all of us that are working to hold industrial polluters accountable for contaminating the environment. On October 16, 2014, Harris County’s trial begins and a jury will decide if Waste Management, International Paper, and McGinnes Industrial Maintenance Corporation will be held accountable for contaminating the San Jacinto River and Galveston Bay’s precious estuary. 

Texas Voter Photo Id Law Is Discriminatory and Unconstitutional!

In a very well written opinion piece (which you can view here), United States District Judge Norma Gonzales Ramos of Corpus Christi struck down yesterday as unconstitutional Texas' voter photo ID law. She also she enjoined it from going into effect for this election. In Veasey v Perry, Judge Ramos held that Texas' voter photo ID law discriminated against African-Americans and Hispanics and that it served no vital governmental purpose because there was de minimus voter impersonation fraud.

The opinion is an excellent overview of Texas' long history of intentional discrimination against minorities and repression of their voting rights. It also provides an excellent analysis of the non-existent evidence of voter fraud, and the fact, that voter fraud has been a recurrent rationalization for suppressing minority voting in Texas. I recommend everyone read the opinion, which is a wonderful history and legal lesson on Texas' sorry and malevolent voter dis-empowerment and repression. I especially recommend the opinion to Harris County's election officials who impede voting at every chance. 


Hey Hey Hey! It's Volunteer Saturday!!

We're going to be reaching out to the community to encourage people to vote on November 4th.  Please come for this short event and help us energize Texans to vote.  This is the last weekend to register or update your information for the November 4th election and  Early Voting starts October 20th.  This is one of the most important weekends of the year and we need to get the message out. We need you to do that!


Ebola is Everyone's Problem


This isn’t the kind of thing I normally write about here at Texans Together Education Fund.  Income inequality, voter suppression and the importance of voting, community engagement, medical coverage for every American, abuse of the political system and campaign finance reform are the very life blood of what we do here. These are important and close to my heart and the work we do.

But today, I want to simply put forward this concept. Ebola is a virus that has been around and known since the mid-seventies. It can absolutely be defeated by intelligence, diligence and care. In our country, this is especially true and why it is so important that we pay attention to and fund our public health organizations. 

Texans Together Asks U.S. Justice Department to Investigate Texas Attorney General’s Office and Harris County Election Officials for Voting Rights Violations

We recently made a formal, written request to the U.S. Justice Department to immediately investigate Texas and Harris County officials for voter suppression in Harris County. We are asking for a federal investigation of not only the Texas Attorney General’s Office, but also Harris County election officials for their long history of impeding minority voter registration and voting.

"I AM READY TO WIN" Event at Alief Community Center

Saturday will be a busy day! In addition to our event at Sunny Side Park, we would also like to invite you to "I Am Ready to Win," an exciting one-day event packed with information on employment and education opportunities, in addition to info on voter registration and polling locations.

Stand Up Houston: Music & Spoken Word Event This Weekend!!

 Keeping with the spirit of fun, enlightenment and community engagement, we can't wait to catch up with our TTEF friends and family at the upcoming Stand Up Houston: Music & Spoken Word Event on September 27! In addition to some great local artists and personalities, we'll be joined by Majic 102.1 and 97.9 The Box for a day of celebration. This event is totally free and open to all, so we hope to see you there -- and bring a friend!!

My Take On The Tactics Used Against Houston Votes

When we use the prism of history, it gives us an opportunity to understand clearly the present events as a continuum rather than an isolated incident. The history of voting rights in America, and specifically Houston is clear. Murder, poll taxes, literacy tests, Grandma clauses, worker intimidation, gerrymandering, voting day poll changes, and now confiscation of records, equipment and data is the history.

Empower Houston Leaders (EHL) Celebrated at the 2014 Summer Bash

In 2011, Nicole Prevot, Sha'Qoya Jasper and Michelle Barnes, a noted influencer in Houston’s art world, made history by becoming three of the first graduates of the Empower Houston Leaders Class! Prevot, Jasper and Barnes had the chance to meet more recent EHL grads at our 2014 Summer Bash, an event honoring local leaders, that took place on Saturday, August 23rd.

Ask Yourself: Why Don't They Want Me To Vote?

Texas and Harris County doesn't want new voters.


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