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8% is the rate by which violent crime is lower in U.S. metro areas where unauthorized immigrants are most prevalent. Property crime is also lower in immigrant-heavy regions, by 10 percent.


A Crack in the Health Care Wall - Maybe

We are pumped that so many of you are signing the Affordable Healthcare Act petition on our website. We hope even more of you will join the rally March 5 to support this important legislation. Most of you know why we support Medicaid expansion - so many people in Texas desperately need help with their health care. But for some reason, the legislators in Austin don't understand the urgency of the problem.

It's up to us to let them know how important the problem is for us. A petition is a great start. We will follow it up with a big rally. When the legislators see that people are engaged enough in this issue to attend a rally, perhaps the penny will drop that this concern is simply not just going to go away.

Expand Medicaid in Texas


Now is the Time, Sign Today!


The Affordable Healthcare Act is Here! Demand that Texas Legislators DO NOT deny Federal Funds for our Health Care.


Sign our petition to urge state legislators to vote to participate now in the Federal health coverage expansion: 


Striking the Match at Linda Vista

We are excited to let everyone know we’re in the process of starting the Apartments Are Communities project at the Linda Vista Apartments in Houston! AAC proved to be a great success at the Mint Apartments in Alief, so we are all pumped about our new complex and all the exciting things that are going to happen there.

When Texans Together goes into an apartment complex with AAC, our goal is to get people to believe they can change things for the better through civic action. Although change through civic engagement may be a lesson covered in most civics classes, it’s not one that many people in marginalized communities have actually experienced. The process is a bit like building a fire: you get all the elements together, then strike the match and stand back!

Save Texas School Rally


Texans Rally to Support Education – They Won’t Listen Unless We Make a Big Noise


Come with us for a wild and wooly bus ride with friends, family, and friends you haven’t met yet to support the public schools. We’ll laugh, sing, eat, share stories, and then bust out in Austin for a feel-good rally.

Why Texas Needs the Medicaid Expansion: One Man's Story.

The View From The Cheapseats

With roughly a 1/3 of the population in Harris County and Texas being uninsured and the state poised to cut school budgets again, some people ask why Texas should expand Medicaid to cover 3 million additional Texans and 300,000 people in Harris County. Why should we spend more money on the uninsured?


Let’s put aside the fact that for every 1 dollar the state spends on expanding Medicaid, Washington will match it with 6 dollars, providing nearly a billion dollars a year to Harris County alone. Let’s ignore the fact that Texans will be paying federal taxes for the program whether Texas takes the funds or not. And let's not consider the fact that the feds are going to cut back uncompensated care dollars, and if Texas does not take the Medicaid funds, then our local property taxes will go up. Instead, let’s look at it from a personal cost point of view...


Happy Holidays!


And Now, A Few Words…


What a year it's been!

As 2012 comes to a close, I am pleased to report that Texans Together has made some incredible accomplishments this year. We have exciting plans in store for 2013 and we hope you join us.

Got Coverage?

View From The Cheap Seats

Did you know that 1 in every 3 residents in Harris County does not have health care coverage? That’s 1.3 million people aged 19-64 who have no coverage and could end up in an emergency room, bankruptcy court or in a coffin. This could be avoided if they could get preventative care or early treatment.

But Texas may decide to opt out of the program. Texas can refuse to accept Medicaid expansion funds or establishing a state insurance exchange. Since we lead the country in every category of uninsured, our citizens would benefit more than any other state.

Would you pay 16 dollars to get 100 dollars? Most people would, but the state of Texas may decide that this isn’t a good deal. The money that Texas is willing to pass on would expand Medicaid and cover over 570,000 people in Harris County who are currently without insurance. The rest could be covered by the state insurance exchange.


Post Election Texans Together Extravaganza!

Thanks to all of you for making our get out the vote effort, Occupy The Vote - Houston, such a success. As a way of saying thank you, we are holding one more concert event!


The Final Push is Here!


Here's a great opportunity to show how much you care about your community. 

We'll be holding a last effort all-day on Monday, November 5th to phone bank in our office to implore voters to get out and vote. Volunteer your time to phone bank and join other "Occupy the Vote" volunteers. We will be starting at 10:00 AM and going all the way to 8:00 PM. Come and join us for an hour or two or stay the day!.

Last Three Events Before the Election

We still have three events to go and they really something! There is a little something for every one so click on the links below for more deatils. Attend as many as you want! We will see you there and we will OCCUPY the Vote!





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