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8.5% is the arbitrary benchmark rate set by the Texas Education Agency for the number of Special Education Students in a school district that may receive Special Education.  Even children with severe disabilities, including deafness and blindness, can't always get special education. 

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I'm Not Sure I Believe This

An Election in the Congo. Is This our Future?

I'm not sure I believe what I am reading. Below is a link to a Huffington Post article about possible Voter Intimidation during the upcoming presidential election. I find it very hard to believe that such behavior could occur here in America. This is the kind of thing I might expect to see in a third world plebiscite.

If this is true, it is shameful day in our history and a return to the kind of things many of us believe we have left in the past. If it is not true, then everyone involved should step into the light and explain what exactly is going on. Our elections are too important to be marred by any kind of criminal behavior, regardless of who is behind it. 

Huffington Post Article

The View From The Cheap Seats

Voter ID Laws: A Cure in Search of an Illness.

It’s September 2012 and the Presidential Election is two months away.  In the last few years many states have passed voter ID laws in an effort to deal with the problem of voter fraud.  The only problem seems to be that there is very little voter fraud for them to deal with.  Instead, many citizens will be denied access to the polls in November.

Across the nation, many states have passed Voter Id Laws: Alabama, Kansas, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. There is little uniformity to these laws, making it difficult to know whether you have the ID you need to vote.

Spanish EHL Class Graduates!

Here is a short video showing our recent graduating class of Empower Houston Leaders. This class was held in Spanish for those who want change in thier community, but are more comfortable speaking in Spanish. We plan to hold more classes like this in the future. Are you intrested in becoming an Empowered Houston Leader? Write to for information on upcoming classes



"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
--Margaret Mead   US anthropologist & popularizer of anthropology (1901 - 1978)

Harris County Attorney Holds Press Conference.

Today, Harris County Vince Ryan held a press conference at the Lynchburg Ferry. Behind, the San Jacinto River made its way to the sea. Its sparkling surface belied the problems that lurked beneath, problems that Attorney Vince Ryan had come to address with the small mass of reporters, citizens and others who had gathered to hear him speak.

Incident at the Waste Pits

San Jacinto Waste Pits

Last week, driving into Houston, a member of the coalition saw something unusual going on at the San Jacinto Waste Pits. The pits are situated on the north side of I-10, one of the pits being mostly submerged and other mostly visible.

On top of the temporary stone and rubble cap was a steam shovel. The cap was placed  there  by the EPA following a memorandum on April 2, 2010. The Time Critical Removal Action (TCRA) was designed to stabilize the waste pits and to prevent direct human and benthic contact with the waste materials until a final solution can be agreed upon.

Happy August!

And Now, A Few Words…

 It's hard to believe that the summer is nearly over. Here at Texans Together, we are energized and ready for the fall. Here is a sampling of our summer activities, by the numbers:

Have a Safe Summer Fun Event

This is a video from our "Have a Safe Summer Fun" Event that was held in the Highlands. The goal was to offer free giveaways to attract people to our canopy and to talk to us about the contamination river. There was also a raffle of Gift for those who attended our nex regular meeting. We had 12 new members show up at our scedhuled August 10th meeting.

SJRC Bake Sale

Event Date: 
Saturday, August 18, 2012 - 9:00am

Come and join us at the San Jacinto River Coalition Bake Sale!

It starts Saturday 18th, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. and proceeds will be used to fund the San Jacinto River Coaltion in it's fight to clean up the river!

We will have Muffins, Cookies and Cupcakes!

Event Sponsor(s): 
San Jacinto River Coalition
Contact Name(s): 
Michelle Brown
Contact Email Address(s): 
Map to Location: 
Food Town
302 N Main St, #1
77562 Highlands, TX

Dr. King's Report is Out!

Dr. Stephen KingOn May 31st Texans Together and The San Jacinto River Coalition held a press conference at the San Jacinto Monument to discuss Dr. Stephen King's report on the impact of the San Jaconto River waste pits on the environment. Despite the temporary cap that has been put in place dioxon and furan levels are just as high as they were a year ago.

Pictured here is the guide we hired to take Dr. King and our President Fred Lewis around the river to collect fish and sediment samples. Here is a PDF that contains where the fish samples were taken. You can download Dr. King's Report here. This include the executive summary. 

Save Our Schools

Save Texas Schools

Calling All Houstonians, Parents, Teachers and Students!

We are getting on the bus on Saturday March 24th. We want the cutting of education funds to STOP!

Texas has dropped from 44th to 49th in funding our school systems among the 50 states. Some of our lawmakers want to strive towards the “coveted” 50th spot in the funding of our schools on a national level. With yet another budget shortfall on the way, an election coming and legislative session very near it seems likely that we will achieve the unwanted distinction of being the worst in the country. We need to send them a message that cannot be ignored.


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