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8% is the rate by which violent crime is lower in U.S. metro areas where unauthorized immigrants are most prevalent. Property crime is also lower in immigrant-heavy regions, by 10 percent.


San Jacinto River Coalition on KPFT

Tuesday morning Chris Schillaci of the San Jacinto River Coalition (SJRC) was on KPFT with Duane Bradley and Marlo Blue to discuss the San Jacinto Waste Pits and Texans Together.

Alief Spice Lane Restoration

Last Sunday, Texans Together joined Alief United Charities, Prodigal Son House, Unified HOODS, and Alief Texans for the Spice Lane Basketball Court Restoration in Alief.  Local children and families turned out to enjoy the beautiful afternoon, food and activities.  There was a great turnout with graduates of our EHL Classes, City Officials, and even a celebrity:


State of Black Houston 2015

Last night, Texans Together were  at the Talento Bilingüe de Houston for the State of Black Houston.

To celebrate Black History Month, the Houston Justice Coalition, Houston-Area Urban League and NAACP Houston hosted a candid discussion with prominent Houstonians regarding the state of Black Houston in 2015.

Helping Childhood Early Education

There are studies that show clear results of the importance of Pre-K.  However, in Texas we don't provide universal pre-K and only half-day in some areas, which local school districts have to find a way to fund.  A large percentage of children, especially Latino, are not enrolled in even half day.  Recent studies have also shown that overall better education equals a better economy. We're not only wasting Texas' most valuable resource, our children, but we're throwing out our future and our economy.

However, there are groups trying to address this inequity.  With the 84th Texas Legislature set to address education, now is the time for everyone to help out.

Bring the Money Back

Following Harris County’s settlement in the Waste Pits litigation, rumors and concerns began circulating the communities surrounding the Pits. To address these issues, the leaders of the San Jacinto River Coalition began meeting with elected officials in search of answers and support. We are working to ensure that the settlement funds be put to use exclusively in the communities most impacted by the Site.

Alief Empower Houston Leaders Kickoff!

Last night was the kick off for the Alief Young Adult Empower Houston Leaders at the Alief Community Center.  Despite bad weather, it was a great meet and greet! Houston Council Member Richard Nguyen attended.  He spoke about he importance of Voter Outreach and then stayed for the whole class.

Truth about Income Inequality

It’s a simple truth.  Numbers do not lie.

Interpretation is not so simple.  With income inequality, the interpretation tends to run to a very narrow opinion like  investors.com’s op-ed piece that income inequality is a racket and seeks to pit higher paid professionals against wage earners while invoking the stereotypical view of lower income poor work ethic to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s oversimplification of the development of the middle class was a result of 90% of the population receiving 70% of the income in 1935 to 1980.  However in the end, it boils down what affects us on a daily basis – do you make enough to live comfortably? Do you have enough to safely plan for the future? Unfortunately, the bulk of America answers those questions with a no.

San Jacinto River Coalition on KPFT

San Jacinto River Coalition was on KPFT’s Eco-ology with hosts HC Conlon and Pat Greer on Tuesday. 

Jackie Young discussed the complex issues surrounding the San Jacinto River Waste Pits, the history of the Superfund site, and the Dioxin leaking out into the river from the 50% submerged Waste Pits.  “Dixon is an unwanted by product.” Jackie said.  “It is persistent, bioaccumulative and is highly toxic in very small doses. … Once it is in our environment, it will be there far beyond our lifetime.”  Jackie continued describing how families and their children might be exposed. “It not only makes its way into our food chain by the fish or the bottom feeders eating sediment that is contaminated or other fish that are contaminated with Dioxin… If a mother has been exposed to Dioxin, she can give that to her baby through her breast milk.”

If your child got a C-, would that be good enough?

The Texas education system received its annual report card from Education Weekly, a national publication that graded states and Washington DC.  There were many parts of the grade including student’s chance for success, school finance and K-12 achievement.

The report rated the United System as a whole as a C, and Texas overall as a C-.

San Jacinto River Coalition on KPFT

Minister Robert Muhammad, Host of KPFT's "Connect the Dots," was joined for a radio interview by Texans Together Community Coordinator Chris Schillaci, and Faith Based Outreach Coordinator Rev. Vincent Fana on Wednesday, 1/7/2015.


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